Our Service: Email marketing

Rockets of Awesome is re-imagining how parents shop for kids by designing and hand-picking high quality clothing and sending it to directly to customers four times a year.  

As part of their business model, Rockets of Awesome leverages strong email marketing communications to inform customers on key points of their shipment cycle, as well as driving sales via their e-commerce shop and engagement with content. The Ragnarok team has stepped in to help with developing a technical solution for many of these dynamic communications and provides ongoing production support, providing high-quality code. Ragnarok completes the cycle through deployment for ongoing campaigns and sets up complex triggered campaigns inside the platform.

Before we started working with Ragnarok, email was consuming my team’s day to day, and taking focus away from more important, strategic work. As a startup with a small (but mighty!) marketing team, working with Ragnarok has allowed us to scale faster by supplementing our team with experts that we trust. Our campaigns are running seamlessly and performing better, plus our marketing team now has the bandwidth to focus more holistically on our overall customer experience.” – Loretta D., Marketing Director, Rockets of Awesome

Our team augments Rockets of Awesome with technical expertise and email management that enables them to pursue more strategic opportunities and programs to grow their top line.

See samples of our work with Rockets of Awesome is included below.

Ragnarok created a dynamic coded template for the Awesome News content newsletter with responsive design elements:

Email Marketing - Rockets of Awesome - Awesome News


Ragnarok charted out the technical implementation of a complex triggered program, smartly handling edge cases and creating clear documentation along the way:

Rockets of Awesome - Checkout Workflow


Learn more about Rockets of Awesome by visiting them on the web: http://www.rocketsofawesome.com